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Core Business

Everything we do, every activity we create, every relationship we build, every Network we support is aimed at improving the capacity of schools to provide a quality education to children. At CLSR, we help our client focus on the processes they can control, providing high-content, engaging work for every student, every day. This focus on quality work, or the core business, is Standard 3, the heart of our 10 System Standards, and is the basis for the Working on the Work framework (WOW). The beliefs behind Working on the Work are:

  1. One of the primary tasks of teachers is to provide work for students: work that students engage and from which students learn that which it is intended that they learn.
  2. A second task of teachers is to lead students to do well and successfully the work they undertake.
  3. Therefore, teachers are leaders and inventors, and students are volunteers.
  4. What students have to volunteer are their attention and commitment.
  5. Differences in commitment and attention produce differences in student engagement.
  6. Differences in the level and type of engagement affect directly the effort students expend on school-related tasks.
  7. Effort affects learning outcomes at least as much as does intellectual ability.
  8. The level and type of engagement will vary depending on the qualities teachers build into the work they provide students.
  9. Therefore, teachers can directly affect student learning through the invention of work that has those qualities that are most engaging to students.


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