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At CLSR, we are increasingly convinced that significant long-term change in public education will be brought about only through the efforts of collaborative networks of committed leaders. Consequently CLSR continues to support and expand networks such as:

Standard-Bearer School District Network

The Standard-Bearer School District Network is a national network of public school systems that use a set of Standards for developing and assessing their capacity to support building-level and classroom-level change. The leaders of these districts and of CLSR share the belief that the focus of any school reform effort must be on continuous improvement of the design of work provided to students. The Standard-Bearer framework provides a means to unify on-going initiatives and to bring coherence to district efforts—where the core business is providing students content-rich, engaging work every day.

Superintendents Leadership Network

Strong leadership is crucial for meaningful, lasting change to take place throughout a school system and a community. This initiative is a new model for developing the leadership competencies of superintendents, which has resulted in a regional Network of highly committed educators who support one another's work. The ultimate goal is to build a corps of education leaders who are prepared to lead the South into the 21st century.

The Network members are chosen for their commitment to reorganizing schools around the work of students, their capacity for peer leadership, and their willingness to promote region-wide improvement. Partners in the design of this initiative are educators from the Center for Leadership for School Reform (CLSR) and selected executives of BellSouth Foundation and BellSouth Corporation's Executive Leadership Institute.

Principals Academy Network

The Principals Academy Network is a national network of public school principals who have participated in a four-day intensive Academy experience focused on their role as "leaders of leaders" whose core business is supporting teachers in constantly improving the quality of work provided to students. The Network provides principals with opportunities to share learnings and strategic actions to pursue their common vision of a school where everyday, every student is provided with high content, engaging work.



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