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Schools for the 21st Century
by Phillip Schlechty ($17.50)

While the economy and the work force have changed drastically in the last century, public education has lagged far behind. In order to prepare our children for a future of constant change, the structure and fundamental purpose of our schools must be reexamined. One of our most clear-thinking advocates for educational reform looks at curricula, teaching roles, grading systems, classroom schedules, as well as the history, culture, and structure of our public schools. Schlechty provides an adaptable framework for the kind of change schools must accommodate if they are to meet the challenges of the next century.

What People Are Saying...

"Schlechty is one of our deepest thinkers about what it will take to get our schools and students to be ready for the twenty-first century. This book is an education for how to do it—and a revelation about how we've been doing it wrong."

Albert Shanker, president
American Federation of Teachers



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