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Direct Support Staff

Senior Associates: Senior associates have earned "senior" status either as a result of their accomplishments and experiences in their profession prior to joining CLSR, or as a result of reputation earned working at CLSR. All travel extensively providing training, consultation, and other forms of technical assistance directly to clients.

Phil Schlechty, CEO
George Thompson, President
Dennis Boswell, Senior Associate
Roland Chevalier, Senior Associate
Jack Edwards, Senior Associate
Lennie Hay, Senior Associate
Marilyn Hohmann, Senior Associate
Tom Johnson, Senior Associate
Bob Nolte, Senior Associate
Monica Solomon, Senior Associate

Material Development Staff

This area includes design, preparation, production, and storage of materials; maintenance of company public and private Web pages; and distance learning functions. The responsibility for this aspect of CLSR's work is assigned to a senior associate, but much of the actual design, development, and production is done by material, media, or graphic production specialists or by other senior associates.

Diane Chambers, Receptionist
Kelly Davis, Web Developer
Sarah Hester, Receptionist
Tena Lutz, Conference Coordinator
Niki Piccione, Director of Technology and Communications
Shanna Rucker, Controller
Darlene Settles, Production Manager
Joan Wimsatt, Graphic Designer



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