Topical Academy - Induction

Naples, Florida– June 20–22, 2004


Superintendents are encouraged to attend with the key district leaders responsible for creating an induction system in the district. The two Topical Academies run back-to-back, and the content of each is designed to complement the content of the other. A district might choose to send a single team for the whole week or a different teams to each Academy, intending to synthesize their work when they are together back in the district.


Using the CLSR framework for thinking about and planning for a comprehensive induction system, the Academy will provide whole Academy activities and team time both to review current induction efforts and to have guidance from CLSR staff in building a plan for creating an induction system. Impending teacher and administrator vacancies provide an opportunity for districts to rethink not just staffing patterns but also: structure and culture; roles and responsibilities; “Working on the Work;” allocation of resources; diversity; continuity; technology; and collaboration. These topics are crucial both to future orientation and to culture building. This Academy is not about filling vacancies in the short run. It is about creating the future rather than simply facing the future.

The essential questions that the Academy will ask are these:

“What kinds of people do you want to have working in your district five to ten years from now, and what kinds of work do you want them to be doing?” and  

“What must be attended to now in order that your district can realize its vision of the future?”

The intended results to be achieved by the Academy are these:

  • Participants will have a deep, working understanding of CLSR's Recruitment and Induction tool.
  • Participants will have clarified their understanding of their district's strengths and needs relative to recruitment and induction.
  • Participants will be prepared to market within their districts the development of recruitment and induction systems aligned with district beliefs and visions.
Dates: June 20-22, 2004
Location: Naples, Florida

Registration Fee: $1500 per participant

Note: For each person attending the Topical Academy: Focus on Induction, a district may send that person, or another staff person, to the Topical Academy: Focus on Evaluation/Appraisal for a discounted fee of $750.

For Registration Information and Other Inquiries:
Tena Lutz, CLSR Conference Coordinator, can be reached at 502.895.1942 concerning registration and logistics. Her e-mail address is

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about any of the summer academies. We know you may want information and guidance in identifying participants for a particular session.

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